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Monday, June 11, 2012

News from British Columbia

Moving with Stones
Performed by Tannis  Hugill

Dramaturgy and Direction – Lee Su-Feh
Saturday, June 29, 2012
7 pm
The Dance Centre, Birmingham Studio
Scotiabank Dance Centre
Level 6, 677 Davie Street
Vancouver BC V6B 2G6

Admission: Free

Hi There, 
My name is Tannis Hugill.  I’m a dance-movement and drama therapist as well as creator of sacred ritual performance.  For the past year I have been collaborating with Battery Opera Artistic Director Lee Su-Feh in the Dance Centre’s Dance Lab program.  
We have been exploring the relationship of spirituality and ritual to dance and performance.
For the earliest humans, dance, ritual, healing and community were one organic whole.  But, for hundreds of years, in western culture, these elements have been split apart.
Now, in the fragmentation of our culture, the longing and primal human need for community spiritual expression through the beauty of dance returns.
Feeling this longing, Su-feh and I ask:
Can we create an offering which provides a shared embodied experience of the sacred without using culturally familiar expressions or symbols of the divine?  
 Is there a form that embraces us all in our knowing of the presence of the divine whose roots are embedded in indigenous cultural practices worldwide?
Come to Moving with Stones on June 29 at 7 pm in the Birmingham Studio at the Dance Centre to participate and see for yourself if, and how, we have answered these questions.  
There will be a discussion afterwards to continue the conversation Su-Feh and I have begun.

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