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Friday, October 16, 2009

Dance Movement Therapy Info session in Montreal

Dear all,
There will be an information session held in Montreal on Wednesday november 18th 2009. This information session will be covering Dance Movement Therapy and emphasizing on the creation of an association for Dance Movement Therapy in Montreal. We will have information on future events, workshops, courses, conferences of Dance Movement Therapy on an International and Local level. This info session will be held at Concordia University in the Visual Arts Building, room: 272, Rene Levesque cross Crescent, metro: Lucien-L'allier or Guy-Concordia from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
Thank you and hope see you there.

Bonjour a tous,
Il y aura une session d'information a Montreal le Mercredi 18 Novembre 2009. Cette session couvra la Therapie pas la Danse et le Mouvement en appuyant sur la creation d'une association pour la Therapie par la Danse et le Mouvement a Montreal. Nous aurons des informations sur des futur evenements, conferences, cours, ateliers de Therapie par le Danse et le Mouvement a un niveau International et Local.
Cette session d'information sera tenu a l'Universite de Concordia au Pavillon des Arts Visuels, salle: 272, Rene Levesque Boulevard West croisement Crescent, metro: Lucien-L'allier ou Guy-Concordia, de 17:30 a 19:30.
Merci et en esperant d'y vous voir.


  1. Ashley Harden4:55 PM

    I am from Regina Saskatchewan and I am looking to complete my masters in Dance/movement therapy. Could any one guide me as to where I could accomplish this?

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