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Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to the Dance Movement Therapy Info Site!
We are in the process of updating the blog. This site is for both students and professionals in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT); it is a site where information, articles, news updates and links to relevant sites are posted. It is a place where news about Dance Movement Therapy courses, seminars, information sessions and questions can be shared. The blog is a place where you can become informed on topics related to this field and to share information, experience and passion about DMT and its important place in the Creative Arts Therapies. Your input and ideas concerning DMT and/or this blog would be greatly appreciated. Please send these ideas to Kimberly at dmtinfo@alcor.concordia.ca. Information about the summer course in DMT will be posted soon. Keep checking back here for more information. More soon!

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