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Sunday, June 04, 2006

An Invitation to the Gala- celebrating the CAHD 10th Anniversary

Dance Movement Therapy is an integral part of Concordia's Centre for the Arts in Human Development (www.cahd.net). Students in Dance and Dance Therapy are an important part of the preparation of the Dances and chorus numbers for the Gala. They have also worked closely with participants during the preparation. The Centre's 10th Anniversary Celebration takes place on June 17th at the Outremont Theatre. You will see that we are featuring the highlights of the past shows the Centre has produced, and all the actors who have returned to do the show are busy rehearsing to perform in this show, which will tell the story of the Centre and its progress since the beginning.

The Centre just received a distinguished international award from the AAMR, an
organization promoting social policy, research, professional practice and human rights for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The award for Social Inclusion- in the category of Research and Innovation- was presented to the Centre on May 4th at the International Summit for an Alliance on Social Inclusion held in Montreal.

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